Introduction to Landscaping

Do you want to design your yard like a professional? Landscaping can be very easy if only you what to do. Many individuals out there lose a lot of money hiring professionals to help them landscape their yard. Whether you are planning a party or you just want to improve the look of your home you need to be creative so that you can achieve excellent results. This intro to landscaping will help you plan and landscape your garden perfectly.

First, you need to know your yard. When landscaping your yard, you should first consider important factors such as topography, climate and soil type. These factors will help you choose the right plants for your site. It is also good to consider micro-climate issues which are affected by full shade, full sun, partial shade and deep shade.

Determining the topography will help you understand water movement within your yard. This is because you need to design your yard in such a way whereby water drains away from your home into the garden.

Determine, who will be using your yard: it can be very frustrating to design a beautiful garden and only to have it ruined after a couple of days. It is good to know who will be using your yard whether it is your kids, your pet or any other users By knowing who will be using your yard will help you divide it into sections thus reducing maintenance costs.

Determine the themes: landscaping is a long term investment; thus you need to ensure that it has been done right the first time. If you need help with excavation or lot clearing for your lawn, be sure to contact Tree Service Franklin One of the things you need to be sure of before initiating the project is your favorite theme. Selecting a great theme will help to blend your home with your garden. A theme will also guide you on how to select the right plants for your garden.

LandscapingChoose the right plants: choosing the right plants for your garden is the key factor that determines how your yard will look like. Apart from beautifying your homestead the plants, you choose for your garden can also be useful in providing fresh air, used as vegetable and fruits as well as providing lovely aroma. Plants can be used to direct traffic in your yard by providing physical barriers to restricted areas.

Structure your plants: Structuring your plants is vital for giving your yard an elegant look. Do not let your plants grow into an annoying bush. Trim them regularly into different shapes that make them look admirable. Also, remember to carry out other maintenance practices such as weeding and watering so that they can continue looking fresh and attractive.

Pay attention to detail: This involves selecting the shapes to be put in the yard whether they will blend with the plants. You should also consider the future how the plants will look like when they get bigger, what will happen when the flowers blossoms as well as the effect of climate change.

If you to landscape your yard, you need to be ready to take all the necessary actions that will ensure it has been done to perfection.You should also have a sufficient and flexible budget that will cover all the necessary costs. However, if you follow the right steps you will be able to get every detail right, and your yard will look spectacular.

The Best Trees and Bushes to Attract Birds

house-1528960_1920My Mom and Dad had the best backyard. It not only provided a park-like setting that looked amazing, but it included a variety of trees at differing heights that offered food, shelter and a multitude of nesting opportunities for the plethora of birds that enjoyed that diverse area.
These are the non-deciduous trees my parents planted in our backyard (which do well in most regions):
Firs, Cedars, Hemlocks, White Pines, Green, Black and Blue Spruces, Holly. It is always best to consult with your local county extension office, or nursery center to find the best varieties for your region and climate. Your birds are familiar with the natives, and will recognize them more readily than non-natives. Once established, these trees are almost maintenance free. Oh, you might have to trim out the occasional winter-kill branch, or pinch out the centers of the clusters at the ends of the white pine branches to help them grow more densely, but that’s about all.
Evergreens are the most efficient at sheltering your avian friends year round. Their dense foliage remains throughout the year, and repels snow, sleet and rain. Birds can nestle among the branches during the coldest days and nights, and in the wildest windy weather. Snow-covered evergreens not only look pretty, but they provide insulation your birds can use to their benefit.
sparrow-50346_1920Inside the pine cones of these evergreens are little seeds coveted by birds like pine siskins and red crossbills. Pines and evergreens in general attract a ton of tasty insects that in turn attract the likes of brown creepers and woodpeckers, to name only a few.
You can let your American Holly trees grow to 40 feet or more, or you can trim them to maintain a beautiful shrub or hedgerow. Be sure to plant at least 4 holly trees so that they will cross pollinate and produce an awesome array of bright red berries for a multitude of birds to enjoy. Holly berries attract catbirds, thrushes, thrashers, robins, blue jays, cedar waxwings, mockingbirds and bluebirds, to name a few.
Every year a robin nests in one of the blue spruces at the front of our property here in the woods. She builds her nest atop branches nestled right next to the center of the tree. Unless you move the branches, her grass and mud abode is nearly impossible to spot. That’s one of the main reasons birds use evergreens for housing their babies. Besides the prickly pine needles, the denseness of the tree makes it difficult for potential predators to reach little nestlings.
In the very top of one of our giant white pine trees there is a platform nest belonging to a red-tailed hawk. That nest has been used for as long as I’ve lived here. Every year I watch as the parents coax their offspring from that lofty aerie. Their first halting, tipsy flights are soon replaced with confident soaring, as they find the thermals across the hilltops.
It’s such an awesome sight to see a hawk riding a thermal. I have enjoyed that sight ever since I can remember. My brothers and I would recline on the warm grassy lawn, watching the clouds and listening to the wind talking in the high tops of the fir trees in my grandparent’s front lawn. On the warmest days we would see the most hawks searching for those swirling spirals of air currents that would carry them higher and higher. We used to wonder what it would be like to fly so high, and then just stretch out our arms and relax on the wind!
Evergreens are a bird’s best friend, and pack a triple punch when it comes to bird-safe habitat, providing food, shelter and nesting materials and sites. These trees appeal to humans as well, because of their textures, and variations in color and height. If you are considering a change to your landscape, I don’t think you can go wrong when it comes to these beautiful and versatile plants.

About Landscaping and Trees

Screenshot 2016-07-14 at 5.01.57 PMLandscaping is an ever changing world , which changes from time to time . Your patio may be “in” for one season and totally obsolete 6 months from now.

Gardening :
As food grows more expensive in the stores, the number of people who are beginning to grow their own crops increases . Due to the advancement in technology, gardening becomes very easier. Drip Irrigation System and Strategic Irrigation System are making it cheaper day by day to own and maintain your own garden. Plus, they can also be integrated beautifully in one’s own landscape.


Pavement :
Run off is one of the major problems which is faced by the landscapers. If you want to return rain water to the ground , instead of letting dirty and muddy water run into the ground. One can use the option of Permeated Pavement’ .This will allow more water to run into the earth and also some of this water can be used for irrigation purposes.

Light Shows:
Landscapers are using more outdoor lighting design in order to attain maximum advantage. Simple path lights or even flood lights no longer serve their purpose. Using various advancements in technology, lawns are being lit with colored lightening, fluorescent lightening, dynamic lightening and various light bulbs. Spreading the light around your scene with reason and point of view can change it into something reminiscent of a fantasy.

Best Trees To Be Planted For a Small Yard :

Why Plant these trees ?
• These trees have been recommended by urban foresters
• Trees are small (less then 30 feet tall )
• Every tree is plant able in north American tree zones
• Compatible with a lot of utilities and structures
• Can also be found at local nurseries easily.

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